Vinay Khanna

Vinay Khanna

Head of Marketing

Speeches by Vinay Khanna

03.30 pm - 04.00pm
Topic: Walk a Mile in Your Customer’s Shoes
Location: Bournemouth
Topic description: "In a fair marketplace, the customer is the king (or queen) and the best of the products or services will fail if consumers are not offered a positive encounter when they consume it. That’s because what you sell is not a product or a service – it’s an experience that consists of a value offering and everything that comes along with it during the customer journey. Being consumer-centric is an indispensable attribute of a successful marketer - understanding the experience from the customer’s perspective rather than just the organisation’s expectations. The challenge is even more daunting when we consider how drastically today's consumer is changing by discovering newer ways to engage with businesses. As a result of this fundamental realisation that interest in customer experience management (CEM or CXM) is rapidly increasing. Most of the organisations are now tracking interactions with their customers as if it is their last - because it could be. You’ll get a broad overview of today’s customer, and how to create and maintain a positive customer experience over the long-term. Key take-aways from the presentation: How technological and cultural disruptions affect the experience of today’s consumers What determines a shopper’s satisfaction level and how to increase the engagement Key ways of gathering insights about the consumer’s experiences Building a growth strategy and improve bond with your customers"

Personal Information

Coming on stage next is Vinay Khanna, with over 10 years of experience and double Masters in Business, Vinay is currently working as a Head of Marketing in London. Vinay specialises in creating and accelerating the corporate marketing strategies and gaining recognitions for brands on global scale. Vinay has significant experience in marketing innovation, business development, curating growth strategies, brand supervision, stakeholder engagement and relations, revenue intelligence, and executing commercial re-structuring for corporates. He has strong cultural competence of leading diverse teams, is a dynamic public speaker and an ambitious team motivator. Vinay has worked across different commercial functions of organisations of all sizes in multiple industries based in European and Asian geographies. Academically, Vinay has accomplished his Masters with distinction from Geneva Business School, Switzerland and Institute of Management Technology, India.


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Walk a Mile in Your Customer’s Shoes