[B2B Growth Expo Team]
Our Team

Behind the scenes of the B2B Growth Expo, an extraordinary event orchestrated by the B2B Growth Hub, stands a remarkable team of visionary professionals dedicated to shaping the future of business. As the driving force behind this prestigious gathering, we extend a warm welcome to you, introducing the architects of innovation, connection, and growth.

At the core of B2B Growth Hub’s ethos is a relentless commitment to propelling businesses towards unparalleled success. The B2B Growth Expo stands as a living embodiment of this commitment, a testament to the fusion of expertise and passion. Our skilled team boasts a wealth of experience in crafting transformative events, ensuring that the Expo transcends all expectations, presenting a platform that ignites connections, ignites minds, and fosters collaborative brilliance.

Every detail of the Expo is meticulously engineered by our tireless professionals who leave no stone unturned in creating a seamless, enriching experience for both exhibitors and attendees. With unwavering dedication to innovation and industry insights, we curate an event program that delves into the latest trends, confronts challenges head-on, and illuminates opportunities, equipping businesses to not just thrive, but to conquer the dynamic global marketplace.

The B2B Growth Expo stands not only as a celebration of business excellence but also as a symphony of growth and progress. Within its vibrant halls, participants are presented with a golden opportunity to forge connections of significance, gain knowledge of immeasurable worth, and extend their influence within their respective industries.

Embrace the future of commerce alongside us, as we invite you to join the B2B Growth Hub at the B2B Growth Expo. Together, we shall unveil a transformative event meticulously shaped by unwavering dedication and passion. Let us embark on a remarkable voyage, where growth knows no bounds, innovation knows no limits, and prosperity becomes the only destination.

Our Team

Santosh Kumar

[ Global CEO ]

James Seilo

[ Director of Southampton Hub ]

Matthew Wildeman

[ Director of Bournemouth Hub ]

Sara Abel

[ Director of Isle of Weight Hub ]

Anthony Marshall

[ Director of Basingstoke Hub ]

Paul MCard

[ Director of Isle of Man Hub ]

Phil Lunn

[ Director of Reading Hub ]

Abhishek Tripathi

[ Director, Global Engagement and Strategy.
and Birmingham hub]

Sanjeev Mishra

[ Director of Technology ]

Chuks Okoye

[ Go-To-Market Leader ]