Simon Morice

Owner and Master under God
Sailing Serafina

Speeches by Simon Morice

01.00 pm - 12.30 pm
Topic: Storyfinding for Video
Location: Southampton
Topic description: "Video has become a ubiquitous and impactful communication tool, capable of engaging audiences and influencing their thinking. But how do we ensure our videos hit the mark and resonate with viewers? Contrary to the myth of declining attention spans, we'll unveil the true secret to capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.Great stories have the power to change minds, but what makes a story truly great, and how do we craft one that shines on video?From strategy to execution, you'll have the tools to optimize your videos and captivate your audience.let's embark on this enlightening voyage together, where we unveil the art of "Storyfinding for Video." Get ready to unleash the full potential of video storytelling, leaving a profound impact on your viewers' hearts and minds"

Personal Information

Simon Morice, an experienced production and post-production professional, has a passion for intentional storytelling. After working with the BBC and pursuing his love for sailing, he founded his production company, Sailing Serafina. Simon’s expertise lies in using video to create meaningful and engaging stories that add value to brands and products. He believes in the power of stories to challenge perspectives and convey messages that resonate with audiences, making a lasting impact. Through his journey, Simon has discovered the essence of storytelling and its ability to connect people, places, and emotions.


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Storyfinding for Video