Sara Hutchinson

Managing Director
RISA (UK) Limited

Speeches by Sara Hutchinson

02:00 PM 02:30 PM
Topic: Unlock the Secrets on How to Export and Import Successfully
Location: Bournemouth
Topic description: "Join me on this power-packed event where I will share some key insights to: - Steering clear of the common pitfalls which cause delays and unnecessary costs - Demystifying the complex terms and procedures - Learn where to factor in extra margin - Identify and mitigate risks that impact relationships, repeat business and your bottom line I understand how it feels when you don’t have a dedicated logistics team and are faced with navigating the challenges and complexity of international trade. Imagine a world where you feel confident and understand how to trade internationally so your business."

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Meet Sara Hutchinson a recognized figure in the world of International Trade with over 37 years of hands-on experience and a renowned expert in unravelling the complexities of global logistics. This distinguished speaker has not only travelled extensively across the globe, but Sara is also the proud owner of the multi-award-winning freight forwarding company, RISA (UK) Limited, for an impressive 23 years.

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Unlock the Secrets on How to Export and Import Successfully