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Richard Evans

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Topic: Halve Your Time and Double Your Profits in 90 days
Location: Birmingham
Topic description: Step into the world of business excellence with Richard Evans, a seasoned entrepreneur with a portfolio of four thriving brands. Let him guide you through invaluable strategies and insights to help you achieve remarkable results by optimising your time management and boosting your bottom line. Discover the secrets to accelerating your success and maximising your profits under the guidance of an industry expert.

Personal Information

On leaving my corporate career in May 2017, I knew if I was going to function at the investor level rather than being a landlord, I needed to have others in my business dealing with the day-to-day operational tasks. So I systemised my business and took on my first Virtual Assistant working from the Philippines. I was also on a 12-month property mastermind programme, and other delegates told me they had tried working with a VA but had not had the same success. After chatting with them, I could see common mistakes people were making and started to help them overcome these issues. I started speaking at various networking events on how to scale up using a Virtual Assistant. Immediately people started asking me to recruit their own VA and show them how to systemise…. VaVaVoom was born.

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