Phil Lunn

Phil Lunn

Southern Regional Sales Manager
Plator Ltd

Speeches by Phil Lunn

04.00 pm - 04.15 pm
Topic: Growing your Product Ideas Effictively
Location: Southampton
Topic description: ""Growing your Product Ideas Effectively" is a transformative journey from concept to market adoption. This session explores strategies and plans to take visions to launched products, unlocking potential and understanding customers' needs. Anticipate or react to obstacles, monitor progress, review commercials, challenge assumptions, and optimize margins as sales grow. Join us in celebrating the success of seeing Your Product Idea Grow Effectively."

Personal Information

Phil Lunn is an innovative AI maven and the Founder and CEO of Plator Consulting. With over 35 years of experience in diverse industries, he empowers businesses to make better AI-driven decisions. As a visionary leader, he fosters creativity and collaboration to unlock possibilities and drive growth, offering tailored solutions to complex business challenges within the digital revolution. With expertise in various functional areas, he guides companies towards long-term success in today’s competitive market. His consultancy and analytical services bring real-world and creative thinking to develop strategies and solutions for clients’ goals.


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Growing your Product Ideas Effictively