Peter Wilcock

Honorary Chairman
Hungarian British Business Association

Speeches by Peter Wilcock

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Topic: Camel in the Tent
Location: Southampton
Topic description: "Camel In The Tent is a unique personal development guide using animal parables certain to captivate and inspire every reader. This is the story of how Exley Manning becomes the wise mentor to a young entrepreneur he meets by chance one rainy evening. This chance encounter leads to a fascinating journey of learning as the two men form a unique bond. As the young man experiences the regular challenges of life which often create personal turmoil, Exley reveals his 17 laws of how to lead a life of bliss, a philosophy he illustrates with captivating stories woven around animal analogies. The young man becomes an entranced student by the tales, as his search for the answers to his own personal growth, is met by Exley's desire to share the wisdom he has amassed throughout his colourful life. Storytelling at its finest, each animal parable will motivate and empower the reader to follow their own path of personal growth and find their version of bliss."

Personal Information

Peter is a highly accomplished Coach, Advisor, Author, and Podcaster, renowned for his remarkable contributions in the corporate world as ex-CEO of Virgin Media. With over a decade of experience at cable giant Virgin Media, Peter was instrumental in driving the growth of cable TV and broadband services across the United Kingdom. His visionary leadership and expertise have made him a sought-after entrepreneur, investing in diverse business ventures.
Peter’s journey began in Leeds, where his wit and keen observation skills were evident from a young age. Through
various professional experiences at influential companies like Unilever, Seagram’s, In-Wear, and Initial, he honed
his sales abilities while embracing the importance of authenticity. Notably, Peter’s tenure at Comcast, ntl, and the
subsequent merger leading to Virgin Media showcased his unwavering commitment to innovation. He played a
pivotal role in revolutionizing the telecommunications industry, particularly in the early adoption and proliferation of internet services. Today, Peter extends his profound knowledge and insights to others as a guide, mentor, and coach.
Through his engaging podcasts and captivating writings, he continues to inspire and empower individuals in their
personal and professional growth. Please join us in warmly welcoming Peter Wilcock, a true luminary in the world of business, as he shares his invaluable expertise and experiences with us on this esteemed platform.

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