Paul Smolinski

Director & Global Entrepreneur HBBA
Hungarian British Business Alliance

Speeches by Paul Smolinski

Topic: Grow Globally
Location: Birmingham
Topic description: As the Founder and CEO of HBBA generates business opportunities globally for focused entrepreneurs through inspiring events that create financial and personal success in communities, Susanna will speak about how to catch international opportunities to raise your company profile and strengthen your competitiveness in the UK and international market through various networking events, Mastermind events, publications and information exchange.

Personal Information

Paul is a highly regarded global entrepreneur and networking expert, with an impressive background as a Global entrepreneur. With extensive leadership experience in business development, infrastructure, and events, Paul is a driving force in digital transformation and operational excellence. His collaborative work with distinguished figures like Sir Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, Grant Cardone, and many more has solidified his reputation in business growth, marketing, advertising, and investments. Through his events, Paul has brought together renowned entrepreneurs, sports stars, and industry leaders, creating transformative experiences.

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