Lewis Swift

Regional AdSmart Sales Manager
AdSmart from Sky

Seminar by Lewis Swift

03.30 PM - 04.00 PM
Topic: Zero Wastage – Make your marketing budget work harder.
Location: Southampton
Topic description: This seminar will give an insight into how effective and efficient AdSmart can be for your business. At a time when we need our budgets to stretch further and work harder for us, Lewis will explain how AdSmart has the capability to offer a Zero Wastage solution. It IS possible to only advertise to your target audience, so why waste money elsewhere.

Personal Information

Lewis has worked for Sky for almost 8 years, firstly at Sky Business for 7 years working directly with businesses. Last year, Lewis joined Sky Media and the AdSmart team, and now works with businesses of all sizes across the South. Primarily to help them grow by making the most out of their marketing budgets by utilising the power of TV.

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