Dr Shah Siddiqui

Dr Shah Siddiqui

Founder and CEO
GenZ Marketing and Neurodivergent Business Consortium (NBC)

Speeches by Dr Shah Siddiqui

03:30 PM 04:00 PM
Topic: Social selling, content marketing, and engagement strategies to grow your sales
Location: Bournemouth
Topic description: "I will talk about how effectively you can develop your content idea and what strategies to follow to overcome barriers. Joining this workshop will help you understand how to develop and execute your content strategies. Additionally, it will help you become stronger in social media and contribute more to growing your business. The workshop will include the following: 01. Understand your products and services 02. Understand your target audiences 03. Layout the initial content strategies and plan 04. Understand your capacity 05. Start content development 06. Schedule content 07. Engage in or automate post to increase engagement 06. Assess content reach and define future tactics"

Personal Information

I am Dr Shah Siddiqui, the founder and CEO of Time research & innovation (Tri), the Neurodivergent Business Consortium CIC, GenZ Marketing, and am an academic. I have had a long career and have studied information technology, television production, system engineering, and software development, I also have a PhD in artificial intelligence. I have had experience running small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since 2000, and I am an expert in health tech, business intelligence, digital technology, business development, and marketing.
Due to my work and experience in technology and business development, I can lay out technology-enhanced business growth, which is mostly needed currently and in the future. Without understanding the technology and having the A-Z know-how, it will be very difficult to sustain. By working with me, you will understand each aspect of the business and can make applicable decisions to get results. Currently, I sit on the boards of many companies in the UK, helping CEOs and boards of directors to expand and grow.
I help businesses understand it by finding the gaps. I support them with my framework and create a tailored social selling and digital marketing blueprint to attract more businesses to grow. My priority is to create influence on social media by utilising the strengths of the founder/decision-maker and making their profile stronger to create authority in the market for success.

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Social selling, content marketing, and engagement strategies to grow your sales