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Topic: ‘Quick! Wake Up The Pilot!’
Location: Bournemouth
Topic description: "If you’re a business owner striving for novel outcomes within your teams, then I have just the talk for you, it’s called ‘QUICK!, WAKE UP THE PILOT!’ In this captivating presentation, I demonstrate how to alter outcomes by transforming the way teams think. I employ elements of my own ‘Switched on Thinking’ methodology to challenge and inspire your team. The last 5 years have been a challenge for everyone - what’s going on? In the rapidly evolving landscape of the last five years, old ways of thinking and doing are no longer sufficient. Most of us navigate our lives on autopilot up to 95% of the time – replicating the same thoughts, actions, and feelings we’ve always had. Consequently, we’re faced with the same challenges and frustrations repeatedly. My engaging keynote talk “Quick! Wake Up The Pilot!” can help break this cycle and bring about a different outcome by changing the input and processing methods."

Personal Information

Dr Ant is an award-winning mindset expert, speaker and author from sunny Kent in England. He shows business people how they can thrive in an uncertain world by breaking out of a life on autopilot and start living their life on purpose.

After a successful career, and having it all, Dr Ant was surprised to find himself in a dark sombre place in 2015. He decided to take control of his life consciously with a positive mind practice to become the person who he really wanted to be. He trained and qualified in the skills of Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, Epigenetics, and NLP and gained his PhD from the Swiss School of Business Research based on his research, development and creation of Switched on Thinking®, which has also been independently accredited to CPD standards.

His book QUICK!, WAKE UP THE PILOT, explains his journey and also how Switched on Thinking® works. Backed by science and using real-life examples, he uses Switched on Thinking®, to show people how to break up with stress and anxiety, and think what they need to think, to achieve what they want to achieve during times of uncertainty and change.

Dr Ant delivers his content with passion, clarity, and genuine enthusiasm that creates a change in thinking, and ultimately, he shows people how to find their Passion, Purpose and be the best version of themselves that they truly want to be.

He can be booked for UK and international events, podcasts, workshops, and mindset training: www.brain-whisperer.co.uk or +441622 278113

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