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AdSmart Local & Development at Sky

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2:00 PM 2:30 PM
Topic: How Addressable Media is boosting businesses in the B2B sector
Location: Southampton
Topic description: AdSmart from Sky allows businesses to reach audiences relevant to them in a highly targeted way. Brian Crighton from Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce said: “Using AdSmart we were able to target company Directors in our region, we were reaching decision makers meaning with leads coming in, we were able to convert them more easily…We were able to generate a revenue of £250k from the AdSmart campaign and the ROI was more than 10X and it was by far the most effective campaigns I’ve ran as 10 years a Marketer.

Personal Information

Purveyor and broker of Addressable Media campaigns designed to deliver success for clients of all shapes and sizes right across this great nation.
Previous experience includes attempting to save the planet one roof at a time, successful delivery of transactional media projects, AIM Plc CEO experience, and herding sheep in Australia.
Specialties: sales team management and motivation, TV advertising, marketing, project development, project management, putting from 6 feet.

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How Addressable Media is boosting businesses in the B2B sector.