Arti Halai

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Workshop by Arti Halai

02.30 PM - 03.00 PM
Topic: Results Unleashed: Mastering Confident Communication
Location: Southampton
Topic description: "This workshop is designed to empower individuals with the essential skills to master confident communication, both in person and online. Drawing from years of experience in television and business success, Arti will share practical strategies to enhance messaging, boost self-confidence, and navigate various communication channels effectively so you can build relationships quickly online and strategically win new business opportunities."

Personal Information

For more than 15 years, Arti Halai was a television reporter, producer and presenter for the likes of the BBC and ITV. She went on to co-found, build and successfully exit two seven-figure businesses – a PR agency and a creative design agency. And she’s coached thousands of people to cut through the clutter, master their message, and achieve stellar results. With thirty years of experience, Arti specializes in confident communications – with a solid track record to prove it.

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