Angela De Souza

Angela De Souza

Women's Business Club

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Topic: Unlocking Your Inner Genius: The Power of Metacognition for Business Success
Location: Birmingham
Topic description: In “Unlocking Your Inner Genius: The Power of Metacognition for Business Success,” you’ll discover practical strategies and exercises for developing your metacognitive skills and using them to drive greater success in your professional life. You’ll learn how to:

Personal Information

Hi, I am Angela and I am a serial entrepreneur! My brain is always whizzing with great ideas often to the frustration of those closest to me. My current role is CEO and founder of a fast-growing business network, Women’s Business Club.

My great passion is to help people unleash their purpose and the potential that lies within their business. One of the ways I do this is through Metacognition, a methodology that sets true thought leaders apart from everyone else. The ability to master one’s mind is one of the most basic, yet most powerful, skills to develop and those who do so will find it easier to get through rough patches, catapult ahead of competitors, think outside the box and generally find more creative solutions in business and life.

With many books under my belt, a wealth of business experience (this just means that I am getting old), and an ever-increasing passion to see people, and especially women, grow and flourish in life, what I bring to the table will help you change your game! I confess I am a prolific writer, each book is written in plain English by offering a no-nonsense approach to business and life. The words go from the page to the stage where I share my message as a motivational speaker.

My biggest passion is my husband, four beautiful children, two grandchild and six cats! I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. My LinkedIn title says that I am a ❀ Author ❀ Speaker ❀ Entrepreneur ❀ but what it doesn’t say is that I also love to sing in the shower, play my piano and try my hand at some Bob Ross painting.

If my accent confuses you it’s because I was born in West Sussex, but spent all of my childhood in South Africa. I currently live in the beautiful Cotswolds but who knows where the wind will take me. My dream is to stop working so hard all the time and live on a farm where I can enjoy complete silence, grow things in the garden and have even more animals.

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