Rob Whitcomb

Rob Whitcomb

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Location: Milton Keynes
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Personal Information

I’m a sales Director, specialising in Dust Management and Air Quality Assessments complete with solutions. Over the course of years in this sphere, I have built a large network of contacts with suppliers and customers across UK, making my experience truly {exciting}. Currently serving as the sales Director at Ultra Protect and SWL Services., every day brings new opportunities for me to engage with our extensive network of partners and clients, aiming to revolutionise their workplace air quality. With an unwavering commitment to improving internal and external environments, we offer innovative solutions tailored specifically to meet various sectors’ unique needs. Leading a dynamic team of six skilled sales staff members enables us to stay ahead of the curve by constantly sourcing exceptional contributors from our vast contacts across UK. It’s truly {exciting} to witness how our cutting-edge strategies generate growth while fostering lasting relationships between suppliers and clients who share our vision for healthier workplaces

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