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10:30 AM 11:30 AM
Topic: Longevity Unlocked: Secrets to a Healthier, More Vibrant Future
Location: Milton Keynes
Topic description: Discover how to enhance both longevity and health span through research based, actionable insights on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and stress management. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to take control and drive positive change in your health and well-being.

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Your lifestyle is by your design, and I know that’s the way you want it to stay. But right now, your body and your health prohibit you from enjoying life as you once knew it.

Whether it’s being able to keep up the pace of a busy business life or being able to run around and look after your grandchildren, or perhaps it’s the ability to enjoy sport activities and holidays. These aspirations don’t have to be memories of the past. They can absolutely be a part of your future.

By working together and having a personalised health optimisation plan we can get you back to living the life you loved.

I’ll support you on the journey ahead, whether the goal is:
▪️ To improve fitness, function and flexibility
▪️ To improve mobility and range of motion
▪️ Rehabilitation after an injury
▪️ Focus on better nutrition
▪️ See weight loss results

There’s three ways we can work together:

The Peak Performance Programme – we’ll work together multiple times a week for a year. You’ll have a specific plan created for you at the onset of the programme and I’ll support you 2-3 times a week over Zoom or in person to keep you accountable and move you closer to your goals.

You’ll also be able to tap into my network of health specialists – having the right people on hand, when you need them, to see you through this journey.

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