Geoff Smith

B2B Debt Collections Specialist
Flawless Debt Management Ltd

Speeches by Geoff Smith

02:30 PM 03:00 PM
Topic: Forged Under Pressure
Location: Milton Keynes
Topic description: You get knocked down but you need to get up again. Two powerhouses, Geoff Smith, CEO of Flawless Debt Management Ltd (and many more!) and Caroline Jane Andrew, The ReBel Speaker and MD of International Business Network, 4Networking Ltd take to the stage for a special keynote......together!! Both failed epically. Both succeeded beautifully. Both seasoned business owners, mentors and leaders in their respective fields. Come and hear about how failure can lead to success.

Personal Information

From the back alleys of clubland London to the Board rooms of Hong Kong, Geoff Smith’s entrepreneurial journey has traversed the most eclectic terrains the world has to offer. An international entrepreneur with a proven track record and multifaceted career, Geoff’s story is a testament to grit, perseverance, and an indomitable spirit.

Having embarked on adventures that most would only dare to watch on the big screen, Geoff has faced perilous challenges and navigated through the toughest of life’s lessons. But, like a true visionary, he possesses the uncanny ability to find golden opportunities in the most unlikely of places. His unyielding spirit not only saw him safely through danger but enabled him to emerge from those challenges with ground-breaking business ideas and an unbreakable resilience.

Today, Geoff stands at the helm of a thriving group of companies spanning Commodities, Management Consulting, and Media Services. Yet, his success wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter. Along the way, he faced setbacks, and yes, he’s experienced the sting of failure on more than one occasion. But to Geoff, failure was never the end – it was a lesson. Each setback sharpened his business acumen, teaching him invaluable lessons that many learn too late in their careers.

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