Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas

Mentor & coach
Montagna Ltd (Partner at Utility Warehouse)

Speeches by Derek Thomas

01:30 PM to 02:00 PM
Topic: Mii’s (Multi Income Individuals)
Location: Milton Keynes
Topic description: What is a Multi-income individual? A Multi-income individual, or Mii for short, is anyone who has more than one income stream. People can earn a secondary income in a multitude of ways - from Airbnb hosts and bartenders to eBay sellers and film extras, as well as starting their own business. His current company recently commissioned a report into these Multi Income Individuals? Why? Because they wanted to champion the multi-income space for everyone who earns an additional income; that’s why they commissioned the Miis report with leading economic consultancy and research firm, Cebr. Many business owners are already considered as Mii self-starters who have seized the challenge of earning an extra income around their main job/business to enjoy greater financial freedom, pursue a passion or simply to beat the cost-of-living crisis.

Personal Information

Derek has dedicated 29 years to Primary Education, serving as a classroom practitioner, an Advisory Teacher for Information Technology, and, ultimately, as the Head of a Primary School until 2014. Since 2001, Derek, alongside his expanding team, has built a client base with his current company, boasting over 108,000 services and a yearly turnover of £90,000,000+. Derek’s passion lies in helping thousands of entrepreneurs generate additional income streams and he is deeply committed to the positive impact his company has on families and communities across the UK. As a coach and mentor, Derek travels the UK, imparting his knowledge and skills, and frequently speaks on stage at National Events.

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