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Southcoast’s Biggest Business to Business Exhibition


B2B Growth Expo: Setting the Standard for Business to Business Exhibitions

Welcome to the ultimate hub of B2B networking and growth – the B2B Growth Expo! In this blog post, we’ll explore why the B2B Growth Expo stands head and shoulders above the rest, particularly when compared to the Hampshire Business Show and B2B expos. Let’s delve into the facts and figures that make the B2B Growth Expo the biggest and most impactful event in the world of business exhibitions.

  1. Exhibitors: Quality and Quantity Matter
    B2B Growth Expo: 100+
    Hampshire Business Show: Less than 100
    B2B expos: Less than 50
    When it comes to connecting with potential clients and partners, quantity is essential, but quality is paramount. With over 100 exhibitors, the B2B Growth Expo provides a diverse and extensive platform for businesses to showcase their products and services.
  2. Thought Leadership: A Speaker Lineup that Inspires
    B2B Growth Expo: 20+
    Hampshire Business Show: 6-8
    B2B expos: 2-3
    Knowledge is power, and at the B2B Growth Expo, we believe in empowering businesses with insights from industry leaders. With over 20 speakers covering a range of topics, our expo promises an enriching experience for attendees.
  3. Workshops: Learn, Apply, Succeed
    B2B Growth Expo: 10+
    Hampshire Business Show: 2-3
    B2B expos: 1-2
    Knowledge-sharing doesn’t stop at speeches. The B2B Growth Expo provides a hands-on experience with more than 10 workshops, ensuring that attendees leave not just inspired but equipped with actionable strategies.
  4. Time is Money: Extensive Show Hours
    B2B Growth Expo: 8 hours
    Hampshire Business Show: 6 hours
    B2B expos: 4 hours
    We understand the value of time in the business world. That’s why the B2B Growth Expo gives you a full 8 hours to explore, connect, and grow your network.
  5. Catering: Because Networking is Hungry Work
    B2B Growth Expo: Breakfast and Lunch Included
    Hampshire Business Show: Not available
    B2B expos: Not available
    At the B2B Growth Expo, we know that connections are often made over a meal. That’s why we provide not just one, but two meals – breakfast and lunch – as part of your expo experience.
  6. Advertising Opportunities: Your Business Deserves the Spotlight
    B2B Growth Expo: Free A6 size in Show Guide, Business Magazine, and SO Newspaper
    Hampshire Business Show: At additional cost
    B2B expos: At additional cost
    We believe in giving your business the visibility it deserves. That’s why we provide free advertising opportunities in our Show Guide, Business Magazine, and SO Newspaper.
  7. Networking Opportunities: Forge Connections That Last
    B2B Growth Expo: 4 sessions
    Hampshire Business Show: 2 sessions
    B2B expos: 1-2 sessions
    Networking is at the heart of the B2B Growth Expo. With four dedicated sessions, you have ample opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and potential partners.
  8. Special Features: Because Your Business Deserves More
    B2B Growth Expo: Investors Deck, TV Ads Option, Growth Hub Membership (on selected packages), Nomination for Awards
    Hampshire Business Show: Not available
    B2B expos: Not available
    We go above and beyond to provide unique opportunities for your business. From an Investors Deck to TV ads options, Growth Hub Membership (on selected packages), and the chance to be nominated for awards – the B2B Growth Expo is not just an exhibition; it’s a launchpad for your success.
  9. Expected Visitors: Where Opportunities Multiply
    B2B Growth Expo: 2000
    Hampshire Business Show: 1000
    B2B expos: 500
    The more, the merrier. With an expected attendance of 2000, the B2B Growth Expo ensures a diverse and thriving crowd, maximizing your opportunities for collaboration and growth.
  10.  Location of Operation: Everywhere You Need to Be
    B2B Growth Expo: Multiple
    Hampshire Business Show: Single
    B2B expos: Multiple
    Our operations span multiple locations, bringing the B2B Growth Expo closer to you, wherever you are.

In conclusion, the B2B Growth Expo isn’t just an event; it’s a commitment to fostering business growth. With unparalleled exhibitor numbers, an impressive speaker lineup, extensive workshops, and a host of unique features, it truly stands as the biggest and most impactful Business to Business Exhibition. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business – join us at the B2B Growth Expo!

For easy comparison why you should choose B2B Growth expos over other medium and small size expos have a look at below table

Facts B2B Growth Expo Hampshire Business Show B2B expos
Exhibitors 100+ Less than 100 Less than 50
Speakers in the show 20+ 6-8 2-3
Workshops 10+ 2-3 1-2
Show times 8 hours 6 hours 4 hours
Breakfast and Lunch Included Not available Not available
Show guide Advert Free A6 size At additional cost At additional cost
Business Magazine advert Free A6 size No Magazine No Magazine
SO newspaper Quarter page advert No newspaper No newspaper
Networking session 4 sessions 2 sessions 1-2 sessions
Investors Deck Available Not available Not available
Expected Visitors 2000 1000 500
Location of operation Multiple Single Multiple
TV ads option Available Not available Not available
Growth hub Membership Included (on selected packages) Not available Not available
Nomination for Awards Included Not available Not available
Support Team Size 30+ 5+ 2

Above comparison is made on basis of shows conducted in 2023.

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