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Milton Keynes B2B Growth Expo: Meet the Speakers

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The Milton Keynes B2B Growth Expo is an eagerly anticipated event, bringing together some of the most influential figures in the business world. Scheduled for July 25, 2024, at The Ridgeway Centre, this event promises to deliver a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities. Here’s a detailed look at the keynote speakers, seminar speakers, and workshop leaders who will be sharing their expertise at the expo.

The Milton Keynes B2B Growth Expo will be inaugurated by the distinguished Lord Mayor, Councillor Marie Bradburn. This grand opening adds a significant mark of prestige to our event and highlights its importance within the business community.
Her presence not only honors the event but also sets a motivational tone for the entire day, making it a must-attend for all businesses looking to grow and innovate.


Keynote Speakers

Victoria B.1. Victoria B. – Global Super Connector and Lead Generator, VCB GLOBAL

Victoria B., renowned for her exceptional skills in networking and lead generation, will kick off the event with her keynote speech. She will focus on the art of connecting, generating high-quality leads, and building a global network to drive business success. Her insights into the power of connections are sure to inspire and equip attendees with actionable strategies.


2. Santosh Kumar – Global CEO, B2B Growth Hub

Santosh Kumar, the Global CEO of B2B Growth Hub, is renowned for his strategic vision and leadership in the B2B sector. His keynote address will cover the latest trends in global business growth, effective scaling strategies, and how to navigate the challenges of a competitive market. Attendees can look forward to gaining valuable insights from his extensive experience.


Derek Thomas3. Derek Thomas – Mentor & Coach, Montagna Ltd / Utility Warehouse

Derek Thomas, a seasoned mentor and coach, will share his extensive experience in business mentoring and personal development. His keynote will provide valuable insights on effective coaching techniques, leadership development, and the impact of mentorship on business success. His practical advice will be beneficial for both new and experienced business leaders.


CarolineAndrews4. Caroline Andrew – Managing Director, 4Networking

Caroline Andrew, Managing Director of 4Networking, is a networking expert who will offer valuable tips on building and leveraging professional networks. Her presentation will cover networking strategies, the importance of relationships in business, and how to maximize networking opportunities. She will be joined by Geoff Smith, who will discuss managing business finances and effective debt collection strategies.


geoff-smith5. Geoff Smith – B2B Debt Collections Specialist, Flawless Debt Management Ltd

Geoff Smith specializes in B2B debt collections and financial management. His talk will offer practical advice on managing business finances, effective debt collection strategies, and maintaining healthy cash flow.



Seminar Speakers

Sarah Buckland1. Sarah Buckland – Founder, She Scales

Sarah Buckland, the founder of She Scales, focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs and scaling businesses. She will discuss strategies for business growth, overcoming challenges faced by women in business, and building a supportive business community. Her seminar is set to be both inspiring and practical.


2. Steve Westrop – Director, S6 Connect & 4Networking

Steve Westrop, director of S6 Connect and 4Networking, will speak on business connectivity and community building. His session will explore the benefits of business networks, strategies for effective communication, and the role of community in business success. Attendees will gain valuable insights into building and leveraging business communities.


Rob Whitcomb3. Rob Whitcomb – Director, Ultra Protect

Rob Whitcomb, director of Ultra Protect, specializes in business protection and risk management. His seminar will highlight the importance of safeguarding your business, risk assessment techniques, and implementing robust protection strategies. His expertise will help attendees understand and mitigate business risks.


Girls image4. Karen Duncan – Social Media Trainer, PonyPonyPony Courses

Karen Duncan, a social media trainer, will provide insights into the latest social media trends and best practices. Her workshop will cover effective social media strategies, content creation, and how to leverage social platforms to enhance business visibility and engagement. Attendees will leave with practical skills to boost their social media presence.


Workshop Speakers

Natalie-Simms1. Natalie Simms – Founder, Di5B

Natalie Simms, founder of Di5B, brings a wealth of experience in business innovation and development. Her workshop will focus on innovative business practices, startup growth strategies, and the importance of adaptability in today’s fast-paced business environment. Participants will gain hands-on experience in implementing innovative strategies.


James2. James Seilo – Director, B2B Growth Hub Limited

James Seilo, director at B2B Growth Hub Limited, will lead a workshop on business growth and development. His session will cover effective business strategies, market expansion, and leveraging B2B opportunities for growth. Attendees will learn practical methods to drive their business forward.


Sarah Redmond3. Sarah Redmond – Founder & Director, Sarah-Redmond Consultancy

Sarah Redmond, founder and director of Sarah-Redmond Consultancy, brings extensive experience in business consulting. Her workshop will delve into business strategy development, operational efficiency, and the importance of consultancy in achieving business goals. Participants will benefit from her strategic approach to business improvement.


Event Details

  • Venue: The Ridgeway Centre, Milton Keynes
  • Date: July 25, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

How to Register

Tickets for the Milton Keynes B2B Growth Expo are now available. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from and network with industry leaders. Book your tickets today!


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