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Exciting News: B2B Growth Expo in Milton Keynes to be Inaugurated by Lord Mayor Councillor Marie Bradburn!

Marie Bradburn

We are delighted to announce that the upcoming B2B Growth Expo, set to take place on 25th July 2024 at the Ridgeway Centre in Milton Keynes, will be inaugurated by the distinguished Lord Mayor, Councillor Marie Bradburn. This exciting addition brings a significant mark of prestige to our event and highlights its importance within the business community.

 A Grand Opening with Councillor Marie Bradburn

Having the Lord Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor Marie Bradburn, inaugurate the B2B Growth Expo is an incredible honor. Known for her dedication to community development and support for local businesses, Councillor Bradburn’s presence underscores the value of this expo for the business landscape in Milton Keynes. Her involvement promises to set an inspiring tone for the event, making it a must-attend for businesses looking to grow and innovate.

What Awaits You at the B2B Growth Expo?

The B2B Growth Expo is designed to be a hub for business leaders, innovators, and industry experts to network, learn, and explore new opportunities. Here’s what you can expect from the event:

  1. Unmatched Networking Opportunities: Meet and engage with key decision-makers, industry experts, and potential partners. The expo offers a unique platform to build valuable relationships that can propel your business forward.
  2. Diverse Exhibitor Stands: Explore a wide array of products and services from businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re interested in the latest innovations from startups or the offerings of established enterprises, there’s something for everyone. Meet our Exhibitors: Click Here
  3. Insightful Workshops and Seminars: Attend sessions led by industry leaders and gain practical insights that you can apply directly to your business. These workshops are tailored to provide actionable knowledge and strategies. Meet our Speakers: Click Here
  4. Digital Expo Access: Enhance your reach with a complimentary stand in our upcoming digital expo, providing additional exposure to a broader audience.
  5. Extensive Publicity: Benefit from a comprehensive publicity campaign that includes features on our website, showguide, social media platforms, and even studio interviews.
Why You Should Attend?

The B2B Growth Expo offers a unique opportunity to elevate your brand, expand your network, and drive growth for your business. With stand prices starting from just £400 (ex VAT), the event is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or an established corporation, the expo provides a valuable platform to showcase your offerings and connect with industry leaders.

Secure Your Spot Today : Click Here

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to be part of an event that promises growth, innovation, and invaluable networking. To learn more about the expo and secure your spot, visit our website at www.b2bgrowthexpo.com. You can also check out our client testimonials and highlight videos from previous events to get a glimpse of what to expect.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embark on a journey of growth and innovation with us!

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